The Sex God - No Mud No Lotus

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the sex god – No Mud No Lotus

A spiritually erotic book by Ben Belenus
the sex god – No Mud No Lotus
  1. All Life and all Men came from Woman
    Ancient peoples knew of the workings of sexual energies, they knew that sex created the cosmos. They respected and understood our connectedness to all Nature. Those universal insights were buried in wisdoms throughout antiquity. Since all life and all men came from women, our ancestors also reverently understood the innate power of women-kind. In order […]
  2. Confessions of a recovered porn addict ~Ben Belenus
    To prepare myself for writing today I watched some Internet porn. I felt it would help the spirit of this article if I had re-engaged with my lustier side. To get to the movie I went to a website and two clicks later I was being fed some seriously raunchy cyber-woman. I chose a short […]
  3. Jim’ll fux it
    I felt it worthwhile to offer a perspective on why men behave so recklessly with their dicks. I read the news today. The headlines were about sex and the sexually deviant way of the world; children’s TV personalities molesting patients, raped forests, government ministers into fetish parties, abused reefs, bank chiefs and hotel maids, and […]
  4. Six Sentence Sunday
    Life calls us to dance with it. Our dance can embody a rejecting rigidity or it can be like an accepting liquid that flows with life. How do you dance with life Reader? During my days at the bar I experimented with acceptance. I flowed with whatever showed up in my life. My ease allowed […]
  5. Six Sentence Sunday
    I could taste a joy that was deeply subdued in me. I was ready to find depth in myself beyond the psychological. The sex god had led me onto the road that would take me home. I had committed to walking a spiritual path with all its challenges. Spirituality isn’t only about ascension and being in the […]