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We are taught from an early age to be guilty, shameful or fearful of sex. Our damaged relationship to sexual energy is the cause of pain and harm through all of society. We live in a world with billions of sexually repressed women, billions of sexually damaged men and millions of people addicted to pornography. Something has gone wrong. There has never been a better time for us all to take a good look at the assumptions that we make about our sexuality.  As the light of Tantra flowers within, it changes my relationship to myself, my partner and all people.

‘the sex god’ is one man’s brutally honest and explicit journey into the Dark Eros of sex addiction and neediness, then, through meditation and the ancient Eastern art of Tantra, his emergence out of the shadows towards an honouring of the Divine feminine.  It paints a graphic picture of the sexually maligned modern Western world, struggling to escape from centuries of religious conditioning that sex is sinful, but without a compelling alternative moral paradigm. The ancients however had such a moral paradigm in Tantra, which is based on the beauty and sacred essence of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine in each one of us. As he moves along the Tantric path, ‘Ben’ reaches self acceptance and shows how we can honour our bodies, using our sexuality as a healing practice, for the past and the future generations as well as for ourselves.

"Finally, a man dares to stand up and expose his vulnerability, his pleasure, his pain and his power in relation to sexuality. By standing naked before us, Ben shows immense trust in the potential for the human spirit to embrace transformation. He shows us the world through the eyes of sexual yearning, sexual licentiousness, porn addiction, and the sensual worship of women, no matter what her age. He offers a clear path beyond sexual addiction. This book stirs the deepest longings of the heart, to be free, to love and to know ultimate ecstasy." Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, Tantra Teacher and author of; Tantric Love & Divine Sexuality

Sample Sex God Chapters available on Ether Books

From time to time chapters from the sex god are being published as short stories on Ether Books. Look for Ben Belenus' author section withing the iPhone or Android App. More coming soon!